CCS Village – Abigail Non-Profit Residences and Care

What housing and care do you offer for seniors and families?

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with age, care and housing. Our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact in creating smaller housing for seniors and families.

We have homes for persons 45 and older in an inter-generational, active, adult community within a flexible/co-housing model in CCS Village, a Community of Shared Resources. Our homes are in a community where you can feel comfortable and independent, and which allow you freedom to pursue other interests or remain connected to family and friends.


Who is it for? How old are residents of CCS Village?

These homes are for folks 45 and up, and our community is a good fit for younger people and older seniors with a health and wellness, business, garden and conversation centres.

Why is CCS Village good for senior living in Owen Sound?

This project’s intent is to enhance the lifestyle and caring of seniors. We encourage residents to actively participate in the community, including the workforce, recreational and volunteer opportunities, and social activities. We provide the following:

  • Advocacy for seniors
  • Innovations in housing and care
  • An atmosphere with volunteers who are motivated to help towards changing the neighbourhood to an age friendly community
  • Create greater opportunities for businesses via an incubator for senior business ventures, providing active employment opportunities for mature workers

What’s your story?

We are offering long term solutions with flexible design and smaller co-housing that allows you to live in an affordable, working community setting.

The proposed housing and care project of fifty homes is an innovative approach to affordable housing, as well as an ecological approach to sewage waste disposal and power generation. We are developing co-housing and flexible housing styles within a community design, which combines the independence and autonomy of private homes with the advantages of common amenities and a village-style support system.

Why should we trust you?

In our community, we have a plumbing and heating business that has served us, and the larger community, for over 45 years, with three generations of apprentice plumbing and heating expertise. We have had an accountant 35 years, a senior engineer technician 35 years, a social worker and educator for 30 years, and an architect of 45 years. Together, we are building a new style of senior living. Our reputation has been established in many years of service to our community, and our goals are to stay healthy and productive till our end years.